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  • Find the Perfect Lexus Lease in Oklahoma City, OK

    Want to reduce your financial burden in buying a Lexus or do you want the exciting financing options to finance your next vehicle? You have landed to the most appropriate site.

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Find the Perfect Lexus Lease from Eskridge Lexus in Oklahoma City, OK

ESKRIDGE LEXUS is now serving the residents of Oklahoma, OK with some very striking, simple and easily accessible leasing deals. Now the car buyers of Oklahoma City, OK need not to worry about how to finance their desired Lexus car. ESKRIDGE LEXUS has the best solution matching your needs and wants. Now you can buy your favorite Lexus model at affordable leasing offers and deals. You will be excited to know that now they will no more face difficulty in deciding whether to buy their desired Lexus directly or to get it leased. ESKRIDGE LEXUS has made this decision far easier for our clients. They can now avail the Lexus Lease financing option either online or offline by visiting Eskridge’s showroom in Oklahoma City, OK.

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Leasing a Lexus FAQ

  • Why Lease a Lexus
    Why Lease a Lexus from Eskridge Lexus in Oklahoma City, OK?

    Leasing a car means getting to drive the owners car for a defined period with a small down payment followed by monthly installments in exchange for the use of the asset (car). Leasing a car has some very exciting benefits listed as under:

    • Reduces the financial burden on the lessee
    • Payment in the form of installments
    • Installments made only for a prescribed term
    • Drive a new or certified pre-owned car without paying for its total value
    • Option to purchase the leased car at the end of term
    • Buying a car becomes easy and affordable
    • Leasing a car is simple to exercise
  • How Leasing a Lexus Works
    How Leasing a Lexus from Eskridge Lexus in Oklahoma City, OK Works

    Leasing a car refers to a financing method in which the lessee uses a car from the lessor by not paying the value of car, rather through payment in the form of monthly installments. Leasing a car involves the following general steps:

    • Small down payment is made
    • Approximately 20% of the car’s value is the down payment
    • A term of lease is decided
    • Monthly payments are made
    • At the expiry of the term, the car is returned
    • The lease is actually renting a car for a decided term
    • At the end of the term, you either return the car or purchase it
  • How Buying a Lexus Works
    How Buying a Lexus from Eskridge Lexus in Oklahoma City, OK Works?

    Buying a car solely depends on some factors. These factors vary from customer to customer as every customer has different requirements while buying a car. Factors that are involved in buying a car include:

    • Car model
    • Car engine type, power, fuel tank capacity
    • Technological features installed in the car
    • Interior & Exterior specifications
    • Safety measures within the car

    And a lot more! Furthermore, buying a car involves the following procedure:

    • Select your dream Lexus from Eskridge
    • Schedule a test drive
    • Fill the required forms
    • Pay the total amount
    • Ownership is transferred to the car buyer on the spot
  • Why Buy a Lexus
    Why Buy a Lexus from Eskridge Lexus in Oklahoma City, OK

    Everyone likes to travel around the city without any hassle or disturbance. Local transport no doubt is convenient but cause hassle at times. Having one’s own car constitutes a wealthy and decent lifestyle. Moreover, it also smooths the road journey and adds to your real assets. One must buy a car instead of getting it leased due to the following reasons:

    • Ownership is yours
    • You can customize the car after buying it
    • No intervention of any other party
    • Cost of the car is a competitive market rate of that car model
    • As installments end, the car is yours
2019 Lexus RX-350 Exterior


2019 Lexus RX-350 Exterior


2019 Lexus RX-350 Exterior


2019 Lexus RX-350 Interior


2019 Lexus RC-350 Interior


2019 Lexus LS-500 Interior


Why Lease a Lexus from Eskridge Lexus of Oklahoma City, OK?

ESKRIDGE LEXUS is the premium Lexus dealership serving the car buyers of Oklahoma City, OK. We feel proud to serve people of Oklahoma City, OK. We offer our clients with unique services, great range of Lexus cars , special deals, service & parts and appealing financing options. Our team is highly dedicated to actually make the buying a Lexus, a reality. We make your car buying experience simple, hassle-free, fast and memorable. Leasing your Lexus from us makes it very easy for you to get your hands over the best car in town. We help you decide the best financing option for you. Leasing deals are also available to our customers. You need to avail our leasing option to drive your dream, Lexus! Leasing your car from us will surely boost your confidence in our dealership!

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