• 2019 LEXUS RC 350 REVIEW

    We all are aware of Lexus, the luxury vehicle that needs no introduction.

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2019 LEXUS RC 350

We all are aware of Lexus, the luxury vehicle that needs no introduction. Lexus was established under the Japanese automaker division the famous “Toyota.” Lexus is not just restricted to one country, rather it has a strong & positive word of mouth worldwide in around 70 countries. The company has reached a position where it is known as the largest premium car sellers around the globe. Lexus is ranked 10th largest brand in the market value globally. Lexus has recently introduced the most updated version “2019 LEXUS RC 350” and has contributed a lot in strengthening the brand name. The version is introduced with latest features as tech features & driving specs that make it outstanding. To get your dream car, you don’t need to go and look for car dealers now it is available as ESKRIDGE LEXUS located in Edmond, OK.

The new LEXUS RC 350 is now available to satisfy your desires of getting a high-performance vehicle. In this era of advancement, individuals keep looking for cars that best suits their needs as well as their personality. A genuine car with strikingly specific exterior features and a dynamic driver-centered cockpit the LEXUS RC 350 puts control at your order and excellent spryness readily available makes it compete in the market. What can be more convenient than knowing that LEXUS RC 350 now works with Apple CarPlay? Here we have highlighted the features that make LEXUS RC 350 stand out for the residents of Edmond.

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2019 LEXUS RC 350

  • Performance
    2019 LEXUS RC 350: Performance

    One of the key features that any client will look for before purchasing such an expensive vehicle is “performance” of the car. Buying a luxury car isn’t an easy decision as you need to be sure that you are investing at the right place. Thus, the potential buyers look for a car that can compete performance wise. LEXUS RC 350 offers most updated and efficient performance features that will satisfy the customer’s needs who are looking to compete. The LEXUS RC 350 offered at ESKRIDGE LEXUS located near Edmond, OK is a prime witness of how the company has been delivering high-performance to its customers. LEXUS RC 350 offers:

    • 4.4 0 – 60 Miles Per Hour Speed
    • 16 Top Track Speed
    • 25 HWY Miles Per Gallon
    • V8 Engine
    • 6 Speed Transmission
    • Adaptive Variable Suspension
    • 311 Horsepower
    • 3.5 Liter V6 Engine
    • 280 LB FT Torque
  • Safety
    2019 LEXUS RC 350: Safety

    What is more important than providing safety to the customers while the company plans to launch a new car? Even the minor faults in manufacturing can lead to significant safety issues. The LEXUS RC 350 coordinates an arrangement of dynamic security features to help you in making purchase decisions and central leadership under an assortment of traffic conditions and possibilities. The LEXUS RC 350 is known from its following advanced safety features:

    • Dual-stage front airbags
    • Pre-collision Safety System
    • Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist
    • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
    • Automatic High Beam
    • Perimeter alarm
  • Interior
    2019 LEXUS RC 350: Interior

    The interior look of a car is anything that is related to the comfort of the passengers. The interior at times reflects the mood of an individual. The interior of a vehicle is as important as its other features. The car’s interior is hugely significant to the purchasers’ and clients’ recognition and is one of the primary criteria for vehicle deals. The interior features of LEXUS RC 350 include:

    • Electric Rear Window Defroster with Timer
    • UV Glass Protection
    • Fuel Economy Meter
    • Dual Trip Odometer
    • Illuminated Vanity Mirrors
    • Power Door Lock
    • LED Ambient Lighting
    • Owners Wallet
    • All Season Carpet Floor Mats
  • Exterior
    2019 LEXUS RC 350: Exterior

    Not only does the 2019 LEXUS RC 350 have a gorgeous interior, the newly redesigned coup exterior of the 2019 LEXUS RC 350 makes the car gorgeous from the outside as well. From its front fascia and grille to the dual exhaust ports on the rear, there’s something to get everyone’s heads turning when the 2019 LEXUS RC 350 comes down the road. Here’s a list of some of the other features the LEXUS RC 350 comes with.

    • Two door coupes
    • Wheel Locks
    • 18 Aluminum Alloy Wheels
    • Front Windshield Deicer
    • Heated Exterior Mirrors
    • Puddle Lamp
    • LED Headlamps
    • LED Fog Lamps
2019 Lexus RC 350 Performance


2019 Lexus RC 350 Exterior


2019 Lexus RC 350 Safety


2019 Lexus RC 350 Interior


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Here at ESKRIDGE LEXUS located in Edmond, OK you will find that we value our customers, and this is which makes us the best sellers. It doesn’t matter if they want to come and visit our outlet or either they want to make a purchase we give value to every customer stepping in. Customer satisfaction is the critical feature of ESKRIDGE LEXUS.

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