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Used Cars Priced Under $25,000 For Sale in Oklahoma City, OK



People all over the world love Lexus, a brand known for durability, exceptional comfort, well-built engines, and opulent materials. The Lexus architecture blends design and innovation to create cars and SUVs with superb handling, power, and performance on the road. However, buying a new Lexus can be expensive, which is why many drivers around Oklahoma City look for a quality pre-owned model. This page rounds up our available selection of pre-owned Lexus cars and SUVs, filtered to only include options under $25,000.

We’ll tell you what makes our dealership the best in the OKC area, along with all you need to know about buying a used Lexus to get you started in the right direction. So, we welcome you to browse our Lexus deals under $25,000 on this page. No matter what vehicle you’re after — an LC, GX, or UX — you’ll see why we’re the best choice in town.

Oklahoma City Lexus Specials Under $25,000

With an eye for luxury and a reputation to uphold, Lexus has achieved incredible success. There are several reasons to buy a used Lexus, though one of the main ones is its inexpensively priced lineup. Here are some examples of models you might find on this page:

  • The base LS starts at $40,000 for the basic editions of the 2022 model year, while the ES or ES Hybrid can be found for less than $2,000 more. Some LS models on this page may be from relatively close to the 2022 year at a fraction of that price.
  • The UX and UX Hybrid are the starting models on the current Lexus SUV segment, starting at $35,850 and $39,425, respectively, for a new 2022 edition. On this page, you may find versions from prior generations at less than half these prices.
  • The RC is the Lexus brand’s most affordable sports coupe, starting at $43,895 on base-level 2022 models. The RC combines imaginative technology with fantastic exterior design, making it an affordable neighborhood cruiser. The higher you go in the lineup, such as the RC F, LC, and LC Convertible, the greater the levels of power and control. Carving mountain paths in your Lexus no longer has to be a fantasy.
  • Lexus offers the most affordable approach to luxury driving, with a performance line that includes massive horsepower ratings from V-8 engines. The IS 500 Starts at $57,925 for 2022, but if you look in the right places, you could find an LC Hybrid with 354 total system horsepower.
  • You may even be able to find older editions of Lexus hybrid models, such as the UX Hybrid. At $35,850 brand new for 2022, slightly older pre-owned models from five years ago or more could easily be found on this page for less than half this price. The NX Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid are a step up in terms of power and features, and models such as the LS Hybrid and LC Hybrid prove you really can have it all in a hybrid car.

Lexus MSRP and vehicle availability are subject to change over time. We encourage you to look through our other inventory sections to find every potential car that could fit your needs, such as our general  pre-owned specials or Eskridge Lexus Specials. A model priced at $25,000 or slightly more will not appear in this category, and our skilled financing experts may be able to give you more flexibility out of a limited budget, so we welcome you to browse our general  pre-owned Lexus inventory as well.

Why You Should Buy a Pre-Owned Lexus

The most common reason to buy a pre-owned Lexus is to avoid the initial depreciation that always comes after buying a new car. Depreciation refers to the inevitable reduction in a product’s value that occurs with time. In the first year after being purchased, a new car loses 20% of its value on average. Brand-new cars are at their highest value when sold, but once purchased, they lose around 10% of their value right away, which means you’re liable to make a loss if you suddenly have to sell your vehicle.

Another reason to opt for a pre-owned Lexus at under $25,000 is the brand’s dependability. When looking at cars by more general automakers under the $25,000 mark, you are more likely to find models with some kind of recall or other issues. Over time, as models that were once new get older, it will be increasingly easy to find Lexus cars with radar cruise control, lane assistance, intelligent high beams, and other advanced driver assistance features at $25,000 or less. The Lexus brand truly is the best combination of luxury-level quality and accessible pricing.

Skilled Lexus Financing

Whenever you buy a used Lexus from a certified dealer, such as Eskridge Lexus of Oklahoma City, you’ll get more flexibility in terms of financing. Even if you have less-than-perfect credit, the finance experts at our dealership can help you secure an auto loan. Even if you are buying your first car and have no established credit, or even if your credit has seen better days, you can get pre-qualified and see whether we have better options in only a minute.

Value Your Trade and Pay Even Less

Our convenient Eskridge Lexus trade-in value calculator is powered by TradePending and gives you an accurate local market estimate of your car’s value. Get the full worth out of your trade so you have even less in total to pay, both generally and in taxes. Combine these benefits with those of a Lexus under $25,000, and just about anyone can find a Lexus deal to suit them. You can also use our monthly payment calculator tool to help you plan for your payments!

To get the best benefits with your pre-owned luxury car, it makes sense to spend your limited time and hard-earned money at a Lexus dealership. If you live near the Oklahoma City center or north metropolitan area, from Piedmont to Arcadia and Edmond to Cedar Valley, come visit Eskridge Lexus, call, or use our convenient website. We’re the top choice for helping you find your next Lexus at the most affordable price with the most owner loyalty benefits.

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